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Michael Kwatia is a spoken word artist from London going by the stage name MOAK. His poem 'Ghana in Britain' (2013), speaks to the Ghanaian immigrant experience in London and the cultural heritages of his homeland.

"Never thought it would be a factor
Since I’m living in London and not Accra
But your family will tell you why it’s a crucial matter
They want us to embrace the western African lifestyle
Instead of us westernizing our lives now
Embrace it with open arms and hands
As you would when you have to greet any guest
And be sure that the hand you use
Won’t be your left”

Check out his: Soundcloud

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  • Do not forget Michael Brown
  • Do not forget how the media dehumanized him and tried to justify his murder
  • Do not forget how peaceful protests were painted as savage riots
  • Do not forget police armed with military grade weapons terrorized and arrested black civilians
  • Do not forget Darren Wilson being awarded over $400,000 in fundraiser donations for murdering an unarmed black child
  • Do not forget that this system was not built to defend us, but to control us
  • Do not forget Ferguson 

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The phrase “rubber bullets” is often used to describe what are more accurately termed “rubber-coated metal bullets”, heavy steel projectiles with a minimal coating of 1mm or 2mm of rubber, that are regularly used to lethal effect alongside — not instead of — live ammunition.

Rubber-coated metal bullets are fired from metal tubes placed on the end of high-velocity rifles such as the M-16s commonly used by Israeli troops. Tubes contain around 8 rubber-coated, cylindrical, steel projectiles, which are powered by blank rounds fired from the gun’s magazine.


Writing in the medical journal, The Lancet, [doctors] said firing the bullets at civilians made it “impossible to avoid severe injuries to vulnerable body regions such as the head, neck and upper torso, leading to substantial mortality, morbidity and disability.”

They added: “We reported a substantial number of severe injuries and fatalities inflicted by use of rubber bullets when vulnerable upper-body regions such as the head, neck and upper torso were struck.

“This type of ammunition should therefore not be considered a safe method of crowd control.”





A mother’s worst nightmare.

She was preaching

this gave me chills

Black woman who lost her son just preached on systemic racism, antiblackness, Black ppls internalized self-hatred and white supremacy. 

But some of y’all missed it 

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the sooner you realize that the criminal justice system is about maintaining order (racial/economic/social order), not about maintaining justice

the more the way this country works will make sense to you

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Photo by Daniel Barney

Adamou Mohamadou, 30, and his son, Mohamad Nour, seven, are from Zawa, Central African Republic (CAR). “We’ve been here in Gbiti [Cameroon] for a month,” said  Adamou. “His mother is still in Gbiti with our three other children. We left CAR because of an attack on Zawa. We walked for three months. My son was only drinking milk so when the cows died, he did not have anything to eat. I don’t know what will happen next - we are waiting for the Cameroonian government to decide what our fate will be.” Between December 2013 and January 2014, several hundred thousand people fled abuse and violence in CAR, many seeking refuge in Chad and Cameroon. The Chadian government’s decision in May to close its border and the inadequate humanitarian aid offered in Cameroon impede Central Africans from seeking refuge in neighboring countries.


Who is really using human shields? The IDF of course.

I think the most ironic thing about this whole “Hamas uses human shields” allegation, is that the IDF is notorious for using Palestinians as human shields.

This is far from unusual:

B’Tselem: IDF uses Palestinians as human shield.

B’Tselem: IDF used Palestinian girl as human shield in Nablus.

Two IDF soldiers charged with using 9 year old human shield in Gaza.

Video showing IDF using Palestinians as human shields in Gaza.

Israel has constantly used this allegation not only against civilians in Gaza, but also when it bombed civilian populations in Lebanon during the 2006 war. Witness accounts and international rights organizations have stated time and time again that no evidence to this has been found either in Lebanon or in Gaza.

But somehow, the word of Israel, a country that needs to hire people to spread its propaganda online, still has a shred of credibility.

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My friend John and I recently decided that we wanted to start writing to our politicians to get them to see that we, as Canadians, do not condone Prime Minister Harper’s recent comments regarding Gaza. As Linda McQuaig put it:

"Certain minimal standards are expected of a national leader in what is known as the ‘civilized world’.

One of those standards would seem to be that, when massive numbers of defenceless civilians are being killed, a national leader should call for the killing to stop.

Questions about responsibility, blame, punishment, repercussions, etc., can always follow. But surely the first order of business — the one with moral urgency — is to halt the killing of innocent people.

So it’s quite extraordinary, as well as appalling, that our prime minister has steadfastly declined to join other world leaders in calling for a halt to Israel’s bombing of Gaza, which has killed more than 200 people and left more than 1,500 injured.”

If we ALL send our local representatives an email outlining the reality of the genocide that is ongoing in Palestine right now and if we collectively condemn Harper’s ignorant remarks about the people of Palestine, maybe we can spark some change. Even if it’s tiny.

I feel like we have a responsibility to speak up and I know some of you might feel unsure about this but please, re consider the situation from the perspective of the millions of civilians in Gaza. They are being killed and targeted on the daily by Israeli missiles. Their story is being diluted and mis-represented, their voices are being silenced and invalidated, they have no support. The international community is not only siding with Israel’s right to “defend itself (by killing hundreds and then cheering on from hill tops), but some people have also cut off borders so the Palestinians have nowhere to go either. We have to do something, anything.

Talking to our members of parliament might be a good start.

So here’s what to do:

1. Find your member of Parliament here:

It’s the middle column where it says “House of Commons”
You have to enter your postal code so for example, my local rep would be Rob Moore. Once you find your rep, take note of their email address AND their constituency office address.

2. Pick either template 1 or template 2 and email your rep.

3. Pick the template you didn’t pick and send this template by mail to your rep.

It will only take a few minutes and will definitely help in getting our politicians aware of the fact that we, the people, care about this issue and want to start an appropriate dialogue about it. GET SENDING GUYS AND THANK YOU! SPREAD THIS LIKE WILD FIRE! 

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This man is the only surviving Xylophone Maker in his village. He said getting the best wood that gives the best sound is becoming harder since most of the trees are gone and he’s getting too old to roam through forests looking for some. Photo by Nana Kofi Acquah @africashowboy (Copyright: 2014). #UpperWest #Ghana #Africa


Illegal Gold Miner. Tarkwa, Ghana.

I walked up to this guy and asked him if he lifts weights. He laughed so hard and said no.

Photo by Nana Kofi Acquah @africashowboy (Copyright: 2014).

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Great Concern As Parents of Missing #Chibok Schoolgirls Tragically Pass Away.

This headline is so shocking and heartbreaking it’s almost unbelievable. 11 parents of the missing Chibok schoolgirls have died or have been killed in the three months since their abduction.

According to a report by AP, seven of the girls’ fathers were among over 50 bodies that were brought to a hospital in the area after an attack on the nearby village of Kautakari this month. Four more parents are said to have died from heart failure, high blood pressure and other illnesses many blame on the trauma sustained from this incident.

Speaking out on this issue, community leader Pogo Bitrus has said, “one father of two of the girls kidnapped just went into a kind of coma and kept repeating the names of his daughters, until life left him.”

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, who has been heavily criticized for his slow response and the ineffective manner in which he has been handling both this situation and the greater Boko Haram threat, met with some of the victim’s parents and their classmates on Tuesday where he promised to continue efforts to bring back the girls alive.

Meanwhile, the town of Chibok seems to be in more and more danger as Boko Haram continue to gain ground in the surrounding area. Over the weekend, the terrorist group launched several raids in northeastern Nigerian towns and villages where they also attacked an army base in the strategic town of Damboa. This particular attack saw as many as 15, 000 civilians fleeing the area as a result.

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France’s Socialist government provoked outrage today by becoming the first in the world to ban protests against Israeli action in Palestine.

In what is viewed as an outrageous attack on democracy, Socialist Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said mass demonstrations planned for the weekend should be halted.

Mr Cazeneuve said there was a ‘threat to public order’, while opponents said he was ‘criminalising’ popular support of the Palestinian people.

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Unh unh now

My country fuckin up



Anas Qandeel, 17 years old Palestinian from Gaza wrote on his Facebook two days ago,”I can not sleep, when are you going to attack my home”. Today, he was killed by an Israeli airstrike. Rest In Peace, Anas.


Free Palestine. Rest in power, Anas.

Rally Against Israeli Brutality - Ottawa, Ontario

Nonviolence is an inherently privileged position in the modern context. Besides the fact that the typical pacifist is quite clearly white and middle class, pacifism as an ideology comes from a privileged context. It ignores that violence is already here; that violence is an unavoidable, structurally integral part of the current social hierarchy; and that it is people of color who are most affected by that violence. Pacifism assumes that white people who grew up in the suburbs with all their basic needs met can counsel oppressed people, many of whom are people of color, to suffer patiently under an inconceivably greater violence, until such time as the Great White Father is swayed by the movement’s demands or pacifists achieve that legendary “critical mass.”
Peter Gelderlos, Why Nonviolence Protects the State- Nonviolence is Racist (via fuckyeahradicalquotes)

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